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Contact Jongware

In an attempt to decrease the amount of spam directed into my mail box I've decided not to show my mail address. I am really sorry about that inconvenience! I blaim it all on my ISP -- the one I originally had provided an excellent spam filter and it was a nasty surprise when my account was transferred to another ISP and this one does not provide that, sadly essential, service.


Ah well, no hard feelings. No doubt all spam CDs in the world contain my mail address by now, so it's too late to stop the relentless torrent of V1agra, h0me l0ans and Update Y0ur eBay Acc0unt. Nevertheless, if you want to contact me just call me by my first name ("theun" -- the "eu" is a diphthong pronounced just like the French "jeu" and "vieux"; the "th" at the start is not the British soft "θ" but has a hard "t" and a silent "h") at this very domain.


Another option is to post your question on alt.fan.elite; I'm a regular reader so I'd probably pick it up quite soon. And you'll get the added bonus of other people's reactions -- there are in fact a few people who know even more than I do.


I will not respond too kindly to any requests for complete source code of whatever program of mine you'd like to have too! I really want to support programmers, but I don't believe for a moment that someone really needs to know the way I draw a circle or use Freetype in my programs. That can be found elsewhere on the web, properly documented and with suggestions and updates by other users.

Another thing I've learned the past year or so: many people seem to believe I have a complete list of star systems on my HD, and I get requested regularly to post it to them. Think! There are over half a billion stars in the Frontier Universe! Even if I wrote just a single line per star of about 50 characters, this would amount to over 20 Gigabytes! If you need info on any individual star or selection of stars, read the code! It is there for a reason.




If you can't contact me for some reason, pay a visit to alt.fan.elite as I'm a regular lurker over there.