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Useful comments

and what I did about them. Or didn't. Or, sometimes, didn't bother. Wut, you sent me a mail? Who me?

Original texts have been edited for brevity. You can find the original posts in the newgroups mentioned, for private mails you'll just have to believe me.

  • Original comment: Noted myself
    "Why on blazing earth doesn't it center correctly on Kapteyn's Star?"
    Fixed: Bug in system finding. Corrected.
  • Original comment: Noted myself, checking out the cool new web site
    "Gosh the pix are large."
    Fixed: Pix are smaller. It's good to be the king.
  • Original comment: Received on a GalNet terminal at 21-Feb-2005, 14:45:49 from: VPR
    (actually, a reaction to an earlier but prettier version, hosted on Cdr Steve's FrontierAstro)
    "Good program, did take a while to find some systems one and half odd thousand light years from Sol though :D"
    Fixed: Just forgot to mention it. Press F to enter 'find' mode and type in the name. If you press Enter, the screen starts scrolling around until the cursor is in the vicinity of the destination, then homes in. Pretty cool effect, except it can -- indeed -- take a while. So I got bored scrolling around (I also have to debug the thing, you know) and I programmed in a quick-launch feature. Instead of Return just press Ctrl+Return and gee whizzz you're there.
  • Original comment: from various posters
    (a number of reactions to the prettier version!)
    "The font does't work"; "The font is too large"; "I can't find the font" (ecks.)
    Fixed: Killed the custom font. Hadda let it go. This is the original bitmap font, scaled up a bit so you can axually read it. A prettier font might return, however. Has anyone experience with the FreeType source code? Now that should look fine.
    Fixed! My best to the guys at FreeType.
  • Original comment: Received on a GalNet terminal at 13-Mar-2005, 11:22:39 from: "Corbeau"
    "[...] you might add a "display danger level for each system" like in AnisoFFE."
    To do The Anisotropic mod for JJFFE doesn't show Government Type on the planet info screen (because there is no more room on the screen, most probably). Instead, it shows a Danger Level ranging from "Safe" to "Nightmare". The value is calculated from the absence of a stable government and presence of pirates. A very useful feature, which would've me avoid such systems when hauling nothing but Robots in the original game.
  • Original comment: Post in alt.fan.elite at 27-Mar-2005, 05:05:02 from: Simon Reed
    "Would I be right in thinking it doesn't work in Windows 98? When I try it I get: "No info window created. Your system may not support this." The map comes up but the 'd' key does not work."
    Fixed: The popup window used RichEdit 2.0 for a pretty(ish) layout. Fixed by removing the entire popup.
  • Original comment: Post in alt.fan.elite at 03-Apr-2005, 12:37 from: John Jordan
    Context: Me trying to score brownie points over John Jordan, making the occasional remark that his star count is wrong.
    "The numbers are in the same ballpark anyway :-)
    The code for mine follows, feel free to pick holes."
    Fix: Admitting that John Jordan is right and I was wrong. His number stands.
  • Original comment: Post in alt.fan.elite at 09-Apr-2005, 07:40 from: Huug Schenk
    "on your site you mention 255 technical levels, of which there should only be 10 different. [...] Are you really sure there can be only 10 different tech levels, because I saw 12 in the game!"
    Fixed: The tech levels range internally from 0 to 255, and I clipped them to the range 0..10. But there's a bit more than that to it, since the equipment tech levels aren't distributed evenly. The number of different levels in use is 12, and those are the numbers that are now displayed in the Planet detail info.
  • Original comment: Post in alt.fan.elite at 09-Apr-2005, 06:47 from: Mattd
    "high res DirectX graphics and multiplayer"
    I'm too busy at the moment, rewriting windows' calculator to include hi res directx and a multiplayer option.
  • Original comment: Post in alt.fan.elite at 09-Apr-2005, 07:11 from Huug Schenk
    "I would like to see the stats of the other ships and objects in the system, with their distance from me, whether they are docked or flying around etc. And being able to replace some of their equipment might be handy, too!
    Heck, an inventory of their cargo holds would be nice too, at least you know which ones are worthwhile to attack. (Harr, harr ...)"
    Inventory of cargo holds is not possible since the cargo is randomly generated when a ship is destroyed... But a list of ships in your current system could be handy, don't know if I can visualize them in a 3D system map though.
    Tryout: Though my 3D *sucks* big time (as it has done for years now...see also the intro Cobra!), I'm having a go at that. See the Orbit pic.
  • Original comment: Post in alt.fan.elite, 9-Apr-2005, 10:48 from Steve (that's Cdr Steve of Frontierastro fame)
    "I would like to see my current details displayed ie. ship type, jump range, registration etc. To be honest, what I would *really* like is a way of scanning my immediate vicinity for destinations of my choice."
    Fixed: These features are implemented per 11-Apr version.
  • Original comment: Personal post, 11-Apr-2005, 11:33 from Cdr Steve:
    On the subject of the Commander Info status screen:
    "[...] I noticed that it said I was unaligned to any major powers, when in fact I'm quite high up in both the Federal and Imperial Navy."
    Fixed: It supposedly shows your correct rank now...
    Fixed some more! Now it will really show the correct ranks...
    "[...] when I scroll the display using the cursor keys it's fine for a second and then it starts to chug and get very jerky."
    Fix: A bug in redrawing. Fixed in the new updates of the executable.
  • Original comment: Personal posts, in the vein of:
    "Tried to e-mail ..." (W.W., 20-Oct-2007, 21:10)
    "... I didn't found any support page on jongware.com" (I.H., 17-Feb-2008, 18:04)
    After being spammed to death within just a few months, I got so sick of it that I removed all references to my email address. I'm willing to try again, though.
  • Original comment: Personal posts, in the vein of:
    "Your code sucks! There are lots of uninitialized variables, and the names aren't consistent across the various snippets!"
    Errr... all of you are right. I've blindly copied bits and pieces from all over my hard drive, and so, if you glue everything together, it does not work.
    Thanks to the people who took the time to work out what should have been named where; there are quite a lot of you. The extensive list posted by Elite Forum member Lymantok (23-Feb-2008, 08:38:38) finally dragged me out of the comatose state of denial. Any remaining errors are, of course, still my own ...
  • Original comment: Personal posts, inbetween 01-Nov-2007 and 13-Jan-2008, from Steve Hodge:
    "Great stuff. [...] However [...] I found some discrepancies" (01-Nov-2007)
    "I've seen some incorrect planet names and Ross 128 has an orbiter that it shouldn't." (29-Dec-2007))
    "I've found a couple more things ..." (31-Dec-2007)
    "I've tracked down more bugs. These all cause differences in generated systems between jjffe28 and FFE StarSys." (08-Jan-2008)
    "Here's what you need for the city coords ..." (13-Jan-2008)
    Gosh. What can I say? Thanks!
  • Next useful comment: Have your name mentioned here!
    I'd especially be grateful if you notice a Planet glitch, since I'm still not quite convinced everything is as it should be.



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